El Salvador: Lutheran Identity and Entrepreneurship

Human beings - not for sale

Lutheran identity from the perspective of the Entrepreneurship


Young reformer: Irvin Mineros

Church: Salvadoran Lutheran Church

Implementation period: January- August 2016

How many people were involved? 3

How many people did you reach? 35


What did you aim at?

Teaching Lutheran identity and entrepreneurship


What did you achieve?

  • Held Lutheran identity workshops
  • Taught youth about entrepreneurship


What did you do?

  • Held cooking lessons

  • Taught technical knowledge about perfumery and body lotions

  • Gave Lutheran Identity training

Interview with young reformer Irvin Mineros

What is the ongoing reformation you want to see in your church?

I would like to see a reformation where the youth can participate more in the church and have more innovation from the youth so the youth feel part of the reformation.

What has been the reaction to the project among the youth?

The youth were surprised about the project and the aim of learning by doing, especially about the entrepreneurship part where they learned for their own benefit.

How was the participation youth in the reformation project?

There were 35 youth participants. We had to find meeting times which were convenient for all the youth. We had two groups of cooking lessons and perfumery (how to make perfumes and body lotion). The youth were engaged and learned in the groups. We also had some children attending the lessons and we integrated them into the main group.

What has been challenging about creating the project?

The main challenge was the communication with the youth participants. Sometimes the youth were not motivated to continue, so we had to encourage the youth to keep participating.

Did everything go as planned?

No, the plans went different. The original plan was to have 3 groups but it was only possible to have 2. In the end everything went well.

How do you see the continuity of the project?

Yes, it will be good to continue with the project because the youth need to participate and so more youth can learn about Lutheran identity and entrepreneurship.