Freed from culture and doctrine

"God asked whom to send? And I replied here I am! Send me!" Photo: Helvi Muremi

I am freed from fear to worship and serve God with no hesitation of what would people say. I decided to do what God wants me to do and not what people are telling me to do. The word of God helped me to understand that the spirit of fear is what causes the fall of a human being. Once a person worries about what other people will say, that means that person will no longer do God`s will (Deut 6:13) Fear the Lord your God........My focus was on my fellow human being instead of that of God, but now I’m freed by God from the reproach of man (Isaiah 51:7).

I’m freed from culture and doctrine imposed by man, who makes people believe that elders are always right and that they don’t make mistakes. We are all the joined body of Christ and we are all free to serve God through teaching others to know Him (Mat 28:19-20). I’m freed from age boundary, gender and social standard to do what’s right in the eyes of God (Gal 5:1).

God asked whom to send? And I replied here I am! Send me (Isaiah 6:8).