Freed from immoveable pews

You might consider re-arranging the pews. Photo: Carolina Huth

When I first walked into the Church I now attend every Sunday I was surprised by the way the worship space was arranged. The altar was at the center and all the pews were moved so that they form a circle. What I experienced there, and I still experience every sunday, is a shared, communitarian liturgy in which we are all able to experience the Gospel, as we all have active roles during the service: saying the prayer of the day, playing music instruments or even reading the Gospel. Being able to worship in the circle creates an awareness of each other ́s presence and also places us at the same level. We are equal; there is no hierarchy in a circle.
As Lutherans we believe that traditions are not necessary for salvation, they are just sometimes good for order, tranquility, and common practice. But when they do not serve their purpose, when people are uncomfortable and the church is no longer inviting, when God ́s message does not reach everyone, then we may need to consider reorganizing the pews...