Freed for new ways to be Lutheran today

A local church paper telling about youth activities in Central Germany. Photo: Julia Braband

I’m of the Lutheran Church of Germany and I will begin my studies of theology in October. I’m so excited to express my experience of faith and church. Through God’s love I am freed for new ways to be Lutheran today.
I observe so many young people in my church who want to preserve and reform the church into a coherent and contemporary church. They search for new forms of worship service and a modern reading of the bible.
Through God’s love I am also freed spiritually and blessed with community. Young people gather together every two years at our church congress. More than 100,000 Christians pray, sing and come together in workshops for five days. It’s a powerful and emotional experience! You really feel the Holy Spirit and God’s love. It’s an amazing feeling to be Lutheran today and to trust in God’s love.