Germany: The postcard project

Salvation, human beings and creation - not for sale

Not For Sale - the postcard project

Young reformers: Paula Göhre, Tim Sonnemeyer

Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria

Implementation period: Dec. 2014-ongoing

How many people were involved? 4

How many people did you reach? 500+

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What did you aim at?

Spreading postcards, raising awareness for the LWF and the general assembly, talking about a global communion, getting creative


What did you achieve?

Invitations to a lot of opportunities to talk about our project (church magazines, online newspaper, youth gathering, and a

synod meeting). We shipped a lot of cards internationally, most cards were spread in Bavaria though.


What did you do?

Created a website, talked about it at every opportunity, printed 9000 postcards, spread the word on social media and face to face.

Interview with young reformers

What is the ongoing reformation you want to see in your church?

I would like to see that the church in Germany do their mission without being confined by doctrines or societal standards, for example: doing mission the way they feel and believe in it, not based only on systematic and political norms. Also, I would like to see that the youth leaders  and the youth in Germany can recognize that we are a Global communion; they are doing a great work locally but they can’t see it globally.

What has been the reaction of the project among the youth?

The reaction was always good and amazed about the idea, the youth were very motivated on the postcards in every place we shared.

How has been the participation of the youth in the reformation project?

We have visited events, meetings and happenings where we have distributed the postcards. We have distributed a lot of postcards in Germany and worldwide. There have been youth, children and adults sending postcards. We have probably reached out over 500 people so far and the number keeps growing. We created social media facebook page and website to make the participation better.

What has been challenging about creating the project?

The creation of the website was very challenging, particularly the technical part about setting up the website.

Did everything go as planned?

Most of the plans of creating the website and sharing the postcards worldwide went different than we first planned, but we still have a chance to share during the LWF Assembly and the reformation year in Germany - Wittemberg.

How do you see the continuity of the project?

If there is interest on the project, we want to continue with the project. We already have the base in the website and the material to produce more postcards if the church wants us to continue.