An Open Book

Making an Old Text Meaningful for Today

The Bible is the foundation of our faith.

Salvation does not depend on anything created by humans. Salvation depends on faith and the grace of God, which we learn about through Scripture. That’s why Scripture – the Bible – is the reference for our faith.

To be a Lutheran today means to know that what we do and believe are firmly grounded in Scripture. The Bible is not a mystical object that only a select group should be allowed to interpret. It is an open book - ready to be used. To be grounded in Scripture means to value and to study biblical texts and to appreciate that there is always more to learn. The texts of the Bible teach us about God, about humans, about creation and about the relationships between them.

To be a Lutheran today means to make the old biblical texts meaningful for our daily lives while remaining faithful to the text. We are striving to make the Bible accessible for everyone without distorting the message in the process.

Scripture is empowering. Scripture is difficult. Scripture is funny. Scripture is challenging. Scripture is reassuring. Scripture is complicated. Scripture raises questions. Scripture provides us with answers.

We are grounded in Scripture.