Freed By God's Love to Change the World

Learn about the rich heritage of Lutheran theology and history.

What is grace, justification, forgiveness for you?

Do you know how Lutherans understand proclamation? Diakonia? Advocacy?

Freed by God’s Love to Change the World.

The theme of the Global Young Reformers Network takes its inspiration from the LWF Reformation 2017 theme, “Liberated by God’s Grace.”

As we journey towards the Reformation anniversary 2017, we want to explore Luther’s teachings in different contexts.

By sharing experiences and asking questions, we want to create a dialogue between informed, inquisitive young reformers about what it means for you to be Lutheran today and what you value most about being Lutheran.


Our Foundation
Grounded In Scripture

Salvation does not depend on anything created by humans. Salvation depends on faith and the grace of God. Both we learn about through Scripture. That’s why Scripture – the Bible – is the reference for our faith.

Find out how young reformers view and experience the Bible.

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Reformation in Your Life
I Am Freed From...

God’s love has the power to free and transform.

Read stories from young people around the world about their experience of God’s freeing love. Discover how the Gospel gave them a new outlook on life to see injustice and to work for a better and reconciled world. 

We also want to hear your story – this is the place to share!

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