Romania: You are a guest of nature, so defend it.

Young Reformer

LWF member church I represent: Evangelical - Lutheran Church in Romania

Mr Végh Nimród

Age: 22

My occupation: Theological student

My name on Facebook: Végh Nimród

Living Reformation Project

Hiking is a new initiative for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Romania. Our project had several goals. Three were closely related and could be seen as main goals.

The project’s first target was based on protecting our natural evironment and taking care of it. The second aim was to maintain the tourist route, and the last was to educate students about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The growing of faith of young people is no less important for us than the goals mentioned beforehand. Therefore, we want to create a peaceful atmosphere in nature that can help students get closer to God. In support of this aim, the theme of the tour was Genesis, which was presented through group work, conversations and Bible studies.

Due to the fact that the tour started on the first day of July, we advertised the possibility of voluntary fasting, thereby joining the “#fastfortheclimate” movement.

We had taken a previous visit to the Hargita mountains in September 2015. This tour was based on the road from Tusnádfürdő to Piliske. During the tour we noticed the neglected and polluted environment and the worn-out road signs. Sadly, people do not take care of Transylvania’s environment although it has got wonderful landscapes. This attitude has a huge impact on the environment and on hiking-lovers, too. I found it necessary to solve these problems. Therefore, this is the reason why the project’s goal is to educate youth to become environmentally-friendly.

The most useful measure of success of educating youth: by encouraging them to follow God’s words. “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (Genesis 2,15)