The Steering Committee is comprised of seven young leaders from the seven LWF regions, supported by a Creative Adviser.

Representing All Regions
The Steering Committee

Seven young leaders from all seven LWF regions make up the Global Young Reformers Network’s Steering Committee. They are supported by a Creative Advisor. The LWF Secretary for Youth coordinates the program. The committee has prepared program themes and content, and is guiding the process. Read more about them below and get in touch if you have questions about activities in your region.

Central Western Europe

Name: Julia Braband | Age: 21
Church: Evangelical Church in Central Germany
Occupation: Theology student      
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: It’s amazing to see young people discuss reformation today and to compare the results in a global context.


Central Eastern Europe

Name: Gints Graudiņš    Age: 28
Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia
Occupation: Theology student and Evangelist
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: As a lay youth pastor, I work with youth at the Lutheran Youth Centre in Latvia. I enjoy learning how to reach youth in new and different ways, including learning more ways of following Christ in faithful discipleship.


Latin America & the Caribbean

Name: Carolina Huth | Age: 24
Church: United Evangelical Lutheran Church (Argentina)
Occupation: English student
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: I am excited to see young people involved in the reformation process. "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers." (I Timothy 4:12)



Name: Darius Lee | Age: 28
Church: Lutheran Church in Singapore
Occupation: Lawyer
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: We are called to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before God (Micah 6:8). While faith is personal, I believe it is never exclusively private.



Name: Rev. Helvi Muremi | Age: 30
Church: The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN)
Occupation: Ordained pastor
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: I feel blessed to be one of the young leaders representing and encouraging young Lutherans. I want to help you connect, know your identity, be firm in your beliefs and teachings, and be proud of who you are.


Nordic Countries

Name: Karin Rubenson | Age: 27
Church: Church of Sweden
Occupation: Ordained Pastor
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: I’m devoted to working with young people within the church in an international context.


North America

Name: Rev. Monica Villarreal | Age: 31
Church: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Occupation: Ordained pastor
Motivation for serving on the Steering Committee: I’m passionate about the involvement of young leadership in engaging the Church in renewal to better connect to the changes in society. I desire to learn about Lutheranism in a global context.


Creative Adviser

Name: Moti Daba Fufa | Age: 29
Church: The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus
Occupation: Youth leader & theology student
Motivation for serving as Creative Advisor: In 1517, Luther brought a turning point in theological thinking. In 2017, we can bring another. There will be no end to the communion’s reformation until we are in the presence of the Lord.