The Global Young Reformers Steering Committee is made up of LWF Youth from each region who partner together to coordinate regional projects and events along with global Young Reformers initiatives. Below you will find the names of the steering committee members from each region.


Please reach out to the members from your region to learn more about how to get involved with the Global Young Reformers network!



Leonard Haruna - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nigeria

Anania Ndondole - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

Melissa Hove - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe



Jeebita Moshahari - Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church, India

Rafael Simanjuntak - HKBP, Indonesia

Elsa Matthias - Evangelical Church of Australia and New Zealand


Latin America and the Carribean

Renato Valenga - Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil

Alejandra Ortega - Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope


North America

Daniel Kirschbaum - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


Central Western Europe

Tim Gotz - Evagelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria 



Veronia Palsson - Church of Sweden


Central Eastern Europe