2017 Youth Message to the LWF Twelfth Assembly

Lutheran World Federation Youth Pre-Assembly: Freed By God’s Grace to Change the World

3–9 May 2017, Ondangwa and Windhoek, Namibia

"Before you is the 2017 Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Youth Pre-Assembly Message. In the days of the 3 to the 9 May, 120 Lutheran youth from 61 LWF member churches gathered together in Ondangwa and Windhoek, Namibia to participate in the Youth Pre-Assembly and discuss our current context and envision our future under the theme “Freed By God’s Grace to Change the World.” (...) As young Lutherans in a changing communion and world, we know our obligation to take steps towards a thriving future. This future should be open, honoring of cultural context, ever changing and cognizant of the impact of globalization and cultural exchange. We know that things we might take for granted now might not be taken for granted in the future. As we look forward to the Twelfth LWF Assembly in Windhoek, Namibia, we are Liberated by God’s Grace and are called to embrace our neighbor as Christ embraces us."


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