Become a part of the Global Young Reformers Network and share your life as a Lutheran in reformation with the rest of the communion! There are lots of ways to get involved: social networking, virtual conferences, online working groups and much more…

How to Become a Young Reformer

Ways to Connect With the Young Reformers Network

There are different ways to become a Young Reformer. By joining our social network and finding the delegates in your region, you will be able to stay in touch and learn about workshops and virtual conferences. Online, you can join working groups to share and discuss your ideas with young Lutherans from all over the world. Check out the items below to learn more! We especially invite you to sign up to our Virtual Conference on Reformation Day (31. October) 2014.

Take part in the virtual conference

On 31 October 2014 a virtual conference “Freed by God' s love- to change the world” will bring together all participants at the same time and place for the first time.

You be able to:
●    worship together online on Reformation Day 2014
●    meet all Global Young Reformers
●    listen to keynote speeches by young leaders
●    discuss topics from the virtual catechism in online workshops
●    learn about youth participation, gender justice, advocacy for climate justice
●    vote for the priorities of the Global Young Reformers Network

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Join our social network

We've created our own Facebook group as a social network to connect Young Reformers worldwide: you can network with other Young Reformers, attend virtual conferences, join online working groups and much more.

We invite you as a member of the LWF to share your Lutheran life and your thoughts with the global communion. You also can share things from the Young Reformers social network on other networks and social media.

Registration is free so join the Young Reformers social network today! To create your profile, start by telling your story of being “Freed by God’s Love.”

Register now!

Find your member church delegate

Every LWF member church has delegated two Young Reformers. Their role is to coordinate and connect the Young Reformers in their church.

Search for your church's Young Reformer delegates on the social network and connect with them as soon as possible so you are in the loop on what’s happening in your region!

Find your delegate.

Share your story

"Freed by God’s Love to Change the World" is the theme of the Global Young Reformers Network.

As we journey towards the Reformation anniversary in 2017, we want to share our experiences with the Gospel and being Lutheran today. How did the Gospel change your life? How did it help you to see injustice and to work for a better and reconciled world?

Sign up to the Young Reformers social network and create your profile by sharing what you are "Freed from…" or what you are "Freed to…“ by being Lutheran.

Share your story!

Workshop Wittenberg

This global encounter will bring together 144 young reformers from all LWF member churches, as well as about a dozen theology students.

For two weeks, they will share and learn, explore Young Reformer themes and decide together on local and regional follow-up. They will also visit parishes of the host Evangelical Lutheran Church of Central Germany and social-diaconal projects.

  • Your voice counts in setting priorities for the discussions
  • Your church sends one delegate who will bring your voice to the meeting
  • Read and see Video-Blogs from the Meeting on this Website
  • All resources and outcomes will be shared online
Living Reformation Projects

Starting in 2015, you'll be able to discover your reformatory potential by taking action in your context.

Through Living Reformation Projects, you'll get to connect with other Young Reformers on topics of shared interest to develop ideas together and get support, guidance and feedback.

You'll be able to find out what's happened in the projects through the Young Reformers social network and this website. We'll be presenting the results in local, regional and global Reformation 2017 activities and events such as the LWF Twelfth Assembly in Windhoek, Namibia.

More information to follow soon!

How to Connect

Connect with all participants live on this website!
Explore Lutheran faith in the hometown of the Reformation!
Create your Living Reformation Project.
Local, regional and global Reformation commemoration.