Find out more about the Wittenberg conference of the Global Young Reformers in 2015.


"Workshop Wittenberg - international conference of the Global Young Reformers Network

From 22 August to 4 September, this global encounter brought together 144 young reformers from all LWF member churches, as well as several theology students sent by Lutheran faculties.

Within this two-week program, participants shared and learned, worked on the youth themes and decided together on local and regional follow-up. They also visited parishes in the hosting Evangelical Lutheran Church of Central Germany and social-diaconal projects.


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Information about Workshop Wittenberg

The agenda of Workshop Wittenberg included the following highlights:

  • Worship service in the Schlosskirche

  • Thematic city tour "Following the stories of reformation in Wittenberg“ in international teams

  • Comprehensive introduction to the mission and work of The Lutheran World Federation

  • Further development of the 10 themes of the Global Young Reformers Network

  • Thematical Days: "To be Lutheran means to be ....theological....ecumenical...political"

  • Youth worship and liturgy

  • Weekend program in German Lutheran parishes, discovering the realities of being Lutheran today

  • Social-diaconal field trip in the region of Reformation

  • Project development of "Living reformation projects"

    Within a two-week program, participants will share and learn, work on the themes and decide together for local and regional follow ups.

    The program was prepared by the Global Young Reformers  Steering Committee, the Central Church in Germany and the LWF Youth Desk.


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as delegates, guests and speakers
was the duration of the Workshop Wittenberg, allowing enough time for sharing, learning and networking
All LWF regions were represented
In 2017, the Global Young Reformers will play their part!