Who are we?
Agents of ongoing reformation

The Global Young Reformers Network is a program of The Lutheran World Federation created by youth and for youth.

We are active, creative Lutheran youth who identify with their own churches and therefore want to (re)form them. As we continue the Lutheran Reformation, we want to empower more youth to engage in all aspects of church and global communion life. With our global network of young reformers, we want to show the meaning of a church in ongoing reformation!

What does it mean?

Young people as strong leaders in their churches and communities.

The world is changing, and we as a Lutheran communion are called to act in response.

Guided by Martin Luther’s ideal of a church in ongoing reformation, we in the globalized world of the 21st century want to:

  1. discuss what it means to be “Lutheran” today
  2. create space to share our hopes and dreams
  3. empower young people to be reformers and to act boldly in faith, grounded in Scripture

Young Reformers in Numbers

Young Reformers from all LWF member churches
Program length
are coordinated through regional young reformers networks
Our aim of active network participants by 2023

Young Reformers of the LWF

The Lutheran World Federation

Young people are front and center of who the Lutheran communion is and what it wants to do. We shape the life and work of the LWF. We give new inspiration and energy. We call the LWF to change and to be relevant for future generations.

We as Young Reformers are participants in the LWF communion’s ongoing journey together. Learnings from the Global Young Reformers Network will be an integral part of the LWF Thirteenth Assembly in Poland, in 2023.

Want to know more? Check out LWF Youth on the LWF website.