What you want to know

How can I join? Do you have age limits? How do you choose participants for in-person events? We realize there are many more questions about the Global Young reformer's Network. By clicking on the questions below, you will find some of the answers.

Why are you reformers?

The world is changing, and we as a Lutheran communion are called to act in response.

Guided by Martin Luther’s ideal of a church in on-going reformation, we in the globalized world of the 21st century want to:

·         discuss what it means to be “Lutheran” today

·         create space to share our hopes and dreams

·         empower and equip young people to be reformers and to act boldly in faith, grounded in Scripture

Who is behind the Global Young Reformers Network?

This is a program of The Lutheran World Federation with its 145 member churches and 72,2 million members worldwide.

Young people are front and center of who the Lutheran communion is and what it wants to do. We as Young Reformers are participants in the LWF communion’s journey together. Learnings from the Global Young Reformers Network will be an integral part of the LWF Thirteenth Assembly in Poland in 2023.

Are you ecumenical?

We welcome every denomination to our network, because we want to be accountable in our ecumenical relationships and learn from each other. The Lutheran member churches of the LWF have each nominated two “young reformer delegates” who have a special role in this program convening and leading projects. 

Do I need to be a member of The Lutheran World Federation to join?

The Lutheran member churches of the LWF have each nominated two “young reformer delegates” who have special role in this program. Apart from that, everyone who is interested to journey together in a respectful and listening attitude is welcome to be with and contribute to the Network.


How do you choose participants in LWF Youth / Young Reformers Programs?

In the interest of equity, we are moving towards implementing more open-call applications for many of our programs including the Stewards program, the Peace Messengers program, and other events. In some cases, we also still accept nominations directly from Lutheran World Federation Member Churches.

Once applications / nominations are received, they are generally evaluated together keeping in mind some of the following criteria:

  • gifts and skills of the applicant
  • observation of the 40/40 Lutheran World Federation gender balance quota
  • equity in regional and Member Church representation across the program
  • a balance of lay and ordanied participants
  • overall balance of the group (for instance, some newcomers and some leaders with extensive global experience)

Applications are always reviewed by a team of young leaders, LWF Staff Members, and / or regional representatives to ensure many perspectives in the decision-making process!

Which languages do you work in?

The LWF has four official languages: English, Spanish, French and German. We do our best to operate in those four languages. For the Social Network, we advise you to post in one of the 4 languages and translate the content of others with an online translation program.

What is the age range for participants?

The required age is from 18 to 30 years of age.

What is my role as a Global Young Reformer?


Your role as Global Young Reformer is to stay tuned with everything that happens in the Network. We invite you to act as a multiplier when it comes to share the invitation with many more young people of your church - especially working together with us on regional projects and global initiatives.  You are also representing your church - so have an open ear for the concerns and questions.