LWF youth to lead online Reformation day prayer

16 June 2019, Geneva, Switzerland: Gathered in Saint Peter's Cathedral in central Geneva, Emma van Dorp, a theology student from the Reformed congregation, lights five symbolic candles on the altar as the church leaders affirm the 'wish to make more visible our common witness in worship and service, on our journey together towards visible unity.' Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

“‘One Body, One Spirit, One Hope’ Reformation Day Global Prayer”

(LWI) - On Reformation Day 31 October 2020, The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) will gather online to unite in prayer lead by young adults and theologians from around the globe. The LWF youth will lead the liturgy that focuses on baptism that reconciles us to God and all creation.

This year, the Reformation Day anniversary comes during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has taken the lives of many, caused physical suffering and revealed global injustices, but it also comes at a time of global solidarity among the communion of churches during this global pandemic.

“In this time of pandemic and social unrest, we are acutely aware that sustaining reform towards a just peace for people and the planet demands a degree of anger at injustice, and courage to trust in God’s transformational work,” Rev. Dr Chad Rimmer, LWF Program Executive in the Department of Theology, Mission and Justice said.

“It reminds us that Reformation is not about looking back to a historical moment, but looking ahead in hope to the ongoing reformation of the church, society and the whole inhabited Earth," Rimmer continued.

The LWF youth come from every region of the LWF communion and have diverse backgrounds and vocations. The “Grupo Anima,” a worship band of theology students at Faculdades, EST, Brazil will provide music during the Reformation prayer.

“The youth that will lead our common prayer are an icon of the way that the Spirit continues to call, gather and give birth to diverse expressions of this shared tradition. Each life tells a story of how the Gospel frees us and inspires hope to participate in God’s ongoing reformation to renew the face of the Earth,” Rimmer emphasized.

”’One body, One Spirit, One Hope’ Reformation Global Prayer” is 31 October at 3 p.m. (GMT+1) on Zoom and will be livestreamed on Facebook. Registration for Zoom is required. The liturgy will be spoken in English, Spanish, French and German.