Report of the Youth Pre Assembly 2017


2017 was a historic and special year for Lutherans around the world: The year of the 500th anniversary to commemorate the Reformation globally, as well as the LWF Twelfth Assembly in Namibia.
This report is a summary and gives insight into the LWF Youth Pre Assembly 2017, which was one of
the milestones in this historic year.
During only one week, some 120 young Lutherans came together in Ondangwa, Namibia to prepare together for the LWF Twelfth Assembly, to get to know the hosting churches and to experience global Christian communion.


1. Framework of the LWF Youth Pre Assembly
2. Hosting churches
3. Agenda of the LWF Youth Pre Assembly
4. LWF Youth Report 2011-2017
5. Address of the LWF General Secretary
6. Voting of the LWF youth priorities 2017-2023
7. LWF Youth Message to the LWF Twelfth Assembly
8. LWF youth Song “Our communion needs”
9. List of participants
10. Global LWF stories
11. Regional LWF stories
12. Blog Posts by Participants of the LWF Youth Pre Assembly

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