Young Reformers at the World Reformation Exhibition

Young Reformer delegates met in August 2015 at the "Workshop Wittenberg" to develop their "Living Reformation projects" Picture LWF/M.Renaux

The Lutheran World Federation invites a global group of young reformers to a program of learning, sharing and presenting their work at the World Reformation Exhibition in Wittenberg.

Are you interested?

In a team of 16 youth from all over the world, you will collaborate and live together during two weeks (16 July to 01 August 2017) in the town of reformation in Germany. You will meet and speak to hundreds and thousands of visitors of this global exhibition. You will be able to share about your church and country as an expression of the global communion of Lutheran churches.


Programmatic contribution and exhibitions of the LWF Young Reformers

17-24 July 2017

“Tor der Jugend” (Gate of the youth) at the "youngPOINTreformation"

26-31 July 2017

“Tor der Oekumene und Religion” (Gate of ecumenism and religion) at "The Lutheran World Federation"


The Young Reformers team

  • will be geographically balanced with 2 young reformers per LWF region and 4 from German member churches
  • will be gender balanced with 50% male and 50% female participants
  • will be youth-led and youth participants only (between 18-30 years)


Criteria for participants of this program

  • Active members of the Global Young Reformers Network
  • Ability to work in international team
  • Ability to present a successfully implemented  Living Reformation project
  • Readiness to present and communicate to a wide audience
  • Ability speak English or German, French and Spanish would be a plus


If you are interested to join, please click here to apply online until 10 April 2017 (new deadline!)