LWF Youth Pre Assembly - Booklet for participants

This booklet was distributed during the LWF Youth Pre Assembly in Ondangwa, Namibia. It contains background information, the meeting agenda, the report of LWF youth 2011-2017, songs and prayers.


The main goals of the LWF Youth Pre Assembly were:

1.    Full youth participation at the LWF Twelfth Assembly and related decision-making bodies and governance is achieved by number and quality.

2.    Enable intercultural exchange and networking towards a reconciled communion in a fragmented world.

3.    Strengthen global, cross-regional learning among LWF member churches, including the LWF Twelfth Assembly and beyond.

4.    Strengthen youth leadership in LWF member churches.

5.    Raise the collective youth voice in public witness that all are “Liberated By God’s Grace.” Creation, salvation and human beings are not for sale”.

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