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We are a platform of engaged young Lutherans from all LWF member churches who are eager to build communion, discuss vital theological questions and strengthen our faith together.

"As an ongoing process of being together as a communion of churches, acknowledging the fact that we come from a very diverse context, a “Young Reformers' Space” was provided for young reformers to freely express their questions and views. It was inspiring to see that many of the young reformers could come together at table with different views and openly express themselves. It was an opportunity to understand and respect the diverse opinions and all the views of the young people in our member churches today on the many important issues that were raised. We are a community that values hearing one another in order that we may grow in our understanding of faith and communion. Many questions were raised from the diversity of our churches and not all of them could be answered, therefore, we continue our studies and reflections on what it means to journey together as a community of churches.”  (Final Message Workshop Wittenberg)

In 2016, we continue this process and invite you all to participate in a monthly discussion online.

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We belong to churches in ongoing reformation. Martin Luther's understanding of  the "priesthood of all believers" is still relevant today: it invites everyone to vital and open dialogue on how we read the Bible and connect to it in our lives. Bring your questions about being the church and living our faith today and tomorrow.

Propose your themes and questions online in our Facebook-Group.

Then, the theme for the next Young Reformers' Space is voted on by young reformers through an online process.

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We are a community that values hearing one another in order that we may grow in our understanding of faith and communion. For each monthly meeting, three young reformers from different LWF regions and from one Living Reformation project are invited to bring their viewpoints to the panel. The 60 minute discussion will be enitrely youth-led.

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“This is a platform of expressing yourself, your ideas and concerns which is not included or emphasized in other programs.” (Feedback from a young reformer in Wittenberg)

The Young Refomers' Space will take place every last Friday of the month at 2pm CET, starting on 26 February 2016.

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